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Promotional Incentives: Cost or Investment?

If you are thinking about a promotional giveaway or incentive for your business, consult a marketing professional to help you design a program that will deliver measurable benefit to both you and your customer. Quite frequently, giveaway items are selected for a promotional campaign without careful consideration of a long-term return on investment and as a consequence are seen as loss leaders or zero-gain programs that don’t work. Marketing professionals know that any brand can easily be translated to a personal product


If a potential customer asks for “more information” about one of your products or services, they really do want more information—typically in the form of details, specifications, prices and a background on your company, packaged in a readable and good-looking brochure. Unfortunately, most brochures are big on design and short on content, leaving potential customers with an unfulfilled level of education about a product or service that they actually want to purchase (or they wouldn’t have asked for the brochure in


If you are committed to developing your brand then you need to repeat after me: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. Consistency means more than simply using the same logo on different promotional elements (signage, advertising, letterhead, etc.)—it means making sure that every single time your brand is published that it looks exactly the same to your audience and that it looks as good as possible. Concepts of consistency include: Ensuring that the colors are perfectly matched in every application; Making sure that special design


Clean up with Wet Wipes as a promotional giveaway

At Henry York we offer a huge selection of promotional giveaway items, but one in particular seems to be immensely popular and practical—the wet wipe. We’ve all received a promotional pen, mouse pad or coffee cup at one point or another, and unfortunately, many of us have stuffed them in a drawer (or on someone else’s desk) and never used them. The promotional giveaway that is sure to be used is the promo wet wipe, because everyone can and will find a time,