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When a Manhattan doctor looking to grow his business realized that over 50 percent of his patients lived over five miles from his office, he turned to direct mail instead of online marketing to reach potential patients in his own neighborhood. And it worked—for what turned out to be less than half the cost and half the time of a digital campaign. While a majority of small businesses invest in some form of online advertising, many are discovering that the


The effectiveness of brand promotion

Brand promotion is more than slapping a logo on a coffee cup and tossing it in a product shipment to a customer. Brand promotion is a deliberate, well-planned process of associating your logo, your tagline and your value proposition with the needs of your customers and causing them to think of you when they need a product or service that you offer. A successful branding program will make your logo memorable, your message recallable and your service valuable. But


How can my charity cut cost?

Charities are constantly challenged by the increasing cost of operations, securing donors and providing services. There never seems to be enough money to completely achieve each year’s objectives and the one expense that tends to get cut first is “marketing”. But cutting marketing can mean cutting outreach, donations and branding, so eliminating promotional activities can also reduce exposure and opportunity. Marketing does not need to be expensive if it is carefully planned and executed with the assistance of a


Uniting your brand with your audience

Many marketers isolate their brand identity around their logo and tagline, completely ignoring the association of the brand with a value proposition or affiliation with a positive user benefit or experience. Despite the clever or compelling design of a logo, it simply cannot convey a message until you have successfully connected it with real meaning—and that takes time and effort and experience. Think about the Apple or Nike logos; neither of them had any value as a piece of artwork